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Our June/July 2002 Research Newsletter consists of a video production showing a number of Parkinsonís disease and MSA patients who have enjoyed significant improvements with the use of naturally based therapies, some of them designed at our Nutritional Medicine Research Institute in the UK.

The cost of this material has been met by the patients and their families who could benefit no further from standard treatments but responded very well to these natural therapies. These patients would like to give hope and help to other sufferers and have made these results available in a visible form to show how nicely these nutritional therapies have worked for them.

If you would like to receive this video news material, please let us know in which format you would prefer from the following 3 options:
1.- Video Tape Format, that is a VHS standard tape to be played in any videotape recorder.
2.- DVD format, that can be played in PCs equipped with a DVD-rom and in any DVD player attached to a TV screen.
3.- Video-CD format, which can be played in a PC CD-ROM and also in some DVD players.
If you would like to receive a free ample of the above material, please let us know the name and address where would you like this material to be sent.

Thank you.
Sandy Braun
Nutritional Medicine Research
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