Nutritional Medicine Research

Undertakes studies on the the aetiology, in other words the environmental, chemical or genetic causes of  Multiple System Atrophy (Shy Drager Syndrome) Parkinsonís Disease and other Neurodegenerative Disorders. Based on these investigations, we can suggest effective specific dietary interventions with recommendations for enriched living environments and nutritional advice.

Our research projects are based on recent advances in neuroscience combined with a wide research in traditional medicine. Our Newsletter relates to current research about the modulation of neurogenesis and neuronal regeneration through dietary intervention. Our results includes a number of naturally based therapies aiming to the repair of neuronal damage affecting patients with MSA-P and MSA-A (Shy Drager Syndrome).

Please contact us if you would like to receive additional information, news on Nutritional Medicine and Research Updates on Neuronal Regeneration with relation to the above neurological disorders.
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